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This October 13th, the historic chambers of the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences will resonate with conversations that matter. We are proud to present the inaugural World Changers Power Women’s Summit—an intimate gathering that champions both intellectual rigor and heartfelt connection.

Our VIP summit is meticulously curated, bringing together some of the most forward-thinking minds from the diverse terrains of law, the expansive realms of academia, the impactful world of the non-profit sector, and the ever-evolving spheres of politics, among others. Each speaker, distinguished in their domain, has a concise 10 minutes to share insights—a format inspired by the brevity and depth of TED Talks.

More than just an academic conclave, this event is a celebration of collaborative thought. It’s where scholarship meets humanity, where ideas are both profound and profoundly personal. We invite you to be more than a spectator—be an active voice in this symphony of change.

Participation is strictly by invitation – contact world@iascoop.org.

We All Matter

The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation represents cooperation, and in times of crisis, it is crucial that we reach out and find the courage, strength, and patience to listen and understand opposing viewpoints. Rather than being arrogant or manipulative, we must strive to look beyond our differences and find common ground. Through forgiveness, intelligence, and lateral thinking, even the most complex issues can find solutions.

We believe that the scientific community, artists, thinkers, and people of good faith all have a role to play in collaborating to create a better future through healing and sharing. That’s why we invite everyone to join in the discussion, regardless of their government, political or military position. This is a place of sharing, knowledge, study, and growth, where cultural testimonies, opinions, interventions, and discussions from all countries are welcome.

No matter where you stand, we invite you to share your voice through videos, interviews, or documents. If you cannot physically participate in the summit, please send your materials to weall@iascoop.org with the subject line “WE ALL MATTER.” We will review your submissions and get back to you promptly.

You Give us Courage


The World Changers Power Women’s Summit, set within the esteemed Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City, will begin with an exploration of leadership in a unique 10-minute TED talk format. Given the event’s special blessing from the Vatican and its foundation deeply rooted in Catholic values, the ethos of leadership discussed will naturally emphasize service, humility, and dedication. Drawing from Pope Francis’s sentiment, “Leadership is service; there is no leadership without service,” attendees will grasp the profound interplay of leadership and selfless service.

Legacy, a theme that holds significant depth when framed within the lens of faith, will be dissected by our array of speakers. Inspired by the location and Pope Francis’s words, “Each of us has a vision of good and of evil. We have to encourage people to move towards what they think is good,” discussions will prompt attendees to reflect on their legacy, both in terms of tangible achievements and the enduring, positive impact they wish to leave behind.

Nestled in the hallowed halls of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, innovation will be approached with reverence and respect for the summit’s unique setting. While each speaker will bring their distinct voice and perspective, the overarching theme will emphasize that true innovation upholds ethics, morality, and is oriented toward the greater good. Channeling Pope Francis’s guidance to “always walk in the presence of the Lord, in the light of the Lord,” the talks will subtly hint at aligning innovation with moral integrity.

Unity, a concept that resonates deeply with the teachings of Catholicism, will be highlighted with fervor. Through the diverse narratives shared by our speakers, the power and beauty of unity, both in a spiritual and global context, will come to the fore. As Pope Francis wisely observed, “Unity does not imply uniformity… Unity in diversity is actually the opposite,” attendees will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, cherishing the strength found in collective harmony and diverse collaboration.



Jessica Word

Jessica Word is the esteemed CEO of the award-winning Word & Brown Agency, driven by a relentless pursuit of empowering and uplifting her community. She champions the belief in community’s transformative power, marking her leadership on the California Chamber of Commerce Board and notable endeavors with the Center for Leadership at CSUF. An awardee of the Excellence in Leadership Development by CSUF’s College of Business and Economics, Jessica’s fervor for mentorship is evident through her contributions to initiatives like the CSUF Titan Women’s Collective.

She was a proud participant in the “Connected Women of Influence” event in 2019. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jessica is grounded by the unwavering support of her family. Her commendations, including those from the Orange County Business Journal and the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals, are a testament to her relentless drive for excellence.

With a Business Administration degree from CSUF and credentials as a Registered Health Underwriter, Jessica’s foundation is robust. Yet, beyond accolades, it’s her people-first approach, zest for innovation, and genuine commitment to fostering growth in others that truly define her. As a recipient of the Monaco 40 under 40 honor, she exemplifies resilience and transformational leadership.

Open to discussions, collaborations, or simply an inspiring conversation, Jessica welcomes the opportunity to connect and explore mutual possibilities.

Diana Serban

Diana Șerban, the heart and soul behind Quantum Foundation, fervently champions innovation, equity, and top-tier education. Committed to reshaping the educational landscape, her foundation seeks to seamlessly connect academic theories, practical strategies, and real-world results.

With an urge to make a tangible difference, Diana launched Quantum School. This education hub, rooted in modern educational principles, is dedicated to molding young minds from age five into emotionally grounded, critically-thinking individuals, well-equipped for the future’s challenges.

Having a deep-seated background in autonomy and entrepreneurship, Diana proudly established Carbogaz SRL, a leading fuel and electricity provider in Romania. Celebrating two decades of impeccable service, Carbogaz stands as a testament to Diana’s commitment to service quality, holistic customer experiences, and steadfast partnership values.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Diana generously invests her time in influential platforms like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the European Women’s Association (EWA). Her global engagements, spanning Europe, UAE, and Asia, resonate with a shared mission: uplifting and empowering women in society, economics, and business.

Professor Konstantina Papathanasiou

Prof. Dr. Konstantina Papathanasiou, LL.M., a luminary in the academic world, is celebrated for her swift and significant contributions, notably recognized by her inclusion in Monaco Voice’s esteemed 40 Under 40 list. Serving as the Chair of Economic Criminal Law, Compliance, and Digitalization at the University of Liechtenstein since 2021, her academic foundation was firmly rooted in Athens, where she achieved a Master’s in Criminal Law.

Supported by prominent scholarships, including the DAAD and the Alexander Onassis Foundation, her academic pursuits led her to the University of Heidelberg and an eventual doctorate. In 2021, she achieved her venia legendi, showcasing her expertise across a spectrum of criminal law domains.

Prof. Dr. Papathanasiou’s global impact is evident in her role as a visiting professor at the renowned Faculté Libre de Droit in Paris and her research fellowship at Collège de France. In 2021, she further solidified her position in the field by joining the Board of the Greek Society of Criminal Law.

As a distinguished speaker, Prof. Dr. Papathanasiou brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the summit. Her unwavering commitment to the progression of law and academia promises an insightful and enlightening session for attendees.

Shevon Harris-Holyfield

Shevon Harris-Holyfield stands as a paragon in the legal world, celebrated for her expansive knowledge and unwavering dedication. An alumna of California State University, Shevon earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. With an insatiable drive to delve deeper into the realm of law, she pursued and obtained her Doctor of Law (JD) from the esteemed Saint Louis University School of Law in 1995.

As a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, Shevon founded the Harris Law Firm, where she specialized in family law and garnered a reputation for her commitment to justice and family values. Today, she’s ascended to new professional heights as a Partner at Lewis Rice LLC in Saint Louis, Missouri. This prestigious law firm, boasting a roster of over 150 esteemed attorneys, is enriched by Shevon’s expertise and leadership.

In 2022, her personal life was illuminated by her union with boxing icon Evander Holyfield, a momentous occasion that mirrors her life’s many triumphs. A recognized advocate for women in leadership roles, Shevon captivated audiences as a keynote speaker at the Forbes Monaco Power Women’s Summit in 2021.

Beyond the courtroom, Shevon’s philanthropic endeavors are a testament to her generous spirit. She’s championed numerous charitable initiatives, including the CatWalk FurBaby fundraiser during the 2023 New York Fashion Week in NYC.

As a speaker at the summit, attendees can anticipate a synthesis of Shevon’s rich professional journey, from founding her own firm to her current influential role at Lewis Rice LLC, paired with personal insights and her heartfelt dedication to societal betterment.

Karen Falkler

Karen Falkler, the heart and soul behind Falkler Wellness & Advisory, is more than just a CEO; she’s an embodiment of compassion, brilliance, and humility. As an executive coach, advisor, and keynote speaker, Karen is deeply committed to cultivating and nurturing authentic leaders. Emerging from a unique blend of corporate leadership development and physical therapy, Karen possesses a profound ability to sculpt leaders who are not only robust in mindset but also in physical well-being. She carries a simple yet profound philosophy: A strong leader not only thrives personally but also illuminates the path for others. Beyond her mastery in leadership development, Karen’s genuine understanding of physical health stands as a testament to her holistic approach. Her guidance empowers leaders to not only bolster their executive presence but also genuinely “show up” in every sense of the word. By offering a truly safe haven, Karen aids executives in navigating their barriers, amplifying wellness, fine-tuning team dy

Yulia Stark

Yulia Stark is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, board member, and investor with over 17 years of experience. She has a proven track record of building successful business ecosystems by forging strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships across the globe.

Based in Brussels, the heart of Europe, Yulia has leveraged her location to connect the East and West, creating valuable opportunities for her network of investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government representatives.

Yulia’s career began in private banking, where she managed investment portfolios for high net-worth individuals. Her passion for entrepreneurship and gender equality led her to found the European Women’s Association, through which she helps companies scale internationally.

Yulia is set to launch a Gender Lens Investment Fund in the near future, with a specific focus on supporting female founders in the technology sector. Her deep commitment to empowering women through education, entrepreneurship, and the GLI approach drives her mission to ensure that women have the financial resources and support they need to succeed in traditionally male-dominated industries.

We’re proud to include her as a speaker, recognizing her myriad achievements and contributions to the business world.

Sir Dustin Plantholt
Master of Ceremonies

Dustin Plantholt is a respected figure in the fields of cryptocurrency and journalism. His ascent from a modest foster care upbringing to engaging with global royalty stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and relentless spirit. In May 2023, his commitment to excellence was recognized when he was knighted by the Prince of Montenegro as a Knight of the Order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro.

In July 2023, Dustin further expanded his professional horizons by accepting a position as an Associate Professor of Cryptocurrency Finance at Anania Shirakatsi University of International Relations in Armenia.

Dustin, in his role as a journalist and podcaster, has interviewed over 250 extraordinary individuals. His guests span a wide spectrum of fame, from renowned celebrities to influential CEOs. As a coveted speaker, master of ceremonies, and co-founder of the World Changers Power Women’s Summit, Dustin enchants international audiences with his insights and charismatic delivery. His influence extends from the Vatican’s sacred halls to the bustling avenues of Monaco, Paris, and beyond.

Dustin has successfully exited three startups—two in the insurance industry and one media platform, LifesTough.com. His diverse accomplishments include reaching a 32nd degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, publishing a Crypto Comic Book, hosting Forbes Monaco TV, initiating a lobbying practice in Washington DC, and serving roles as an Amazon Prime Documentary Executive Producer and a certified Audible narrator.

He was named Entrepreneur.com’s Metaverse Advisor of the Year and was featured on Forbes Monaco’s 40 under 40 list. Furthermore, in the January 2022 issue, Forbes Monaco acknowledged his significant contributions in the field of cryptocurrency by conferring on him the title of “The Count of Monte Crypto,” marking his profound expertise in cryptocurrency and his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Dustin Plantholt is not only recognized for his professional achievements but also for his philanthropic endeavors and volunteer efforts. He serves as a board advisor for prestigious organizations such as the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation, United City Football Club, Greek House Davos, and the European Women’s Association. Through these roles, he actively contributes to causes close to his heart. Dustin’s resolute commitment to both his personal goals and the betterment of society are evident.

His life philosophy revolves around recognizing unique talents, nurturing them, and employing them to make a positive difference in the world. He sees legacy not as material wealth but in terms of the positive impact one leaves behind.

For more about Dustin’s journey and contributions, visit DustinPlantholt.com.

Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli
Welcome opening speech

Professor Andreoli is the honorary president of the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation and the head of international finance at “First Aid
Foundation”. He is a professor of Diplomacy and International Relations at the “Anania Shirakatsi” University of International Relations. He is a fellow member of the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science; an academician of social sciences at IASS, Florida, USA; a member of the “Real Societad de Armigeros de Espana”, researcher and honorary professor at the Catholic University of New Spain, Miami, USA.
Professor Andreoli is a multidisciplinary visionary and an impassioned advocate for technology and science in shaping the future. As the founder of Evolutionary Biohacking, and recipient of numerous accolades (including the prestigious Monaco 40 over 40 award), his life’s work has been centred around spearheading technological and scientific advancements for the betterment of humanity. he is on a journey to create interdisciplinary regenerative therapy centres, fostering a new model of wellbeing, living, and performance.
He has worked with numerous governments and agencies, as well as public and private institutions around the world. The work of Sir Andreoli as a strategic advisor is based on the study of complex adaptive systems. Cyber security and communications are two of his main interests. For his work, he has received several titles and honors: Silver Cross, Red Cross (Italy) Medal of II class-Red Cross (San Marino) -United Nations Medal ONU UNMIK Kosovo -E.U. Medal for the mission EUMM Georgia -Knight Grand Cross of the order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro-Knight with honors of the Sacred Constantinian Order of St. Giorgio (Naples) -Knight of the Saints Maurice and Lazzaro (Italy) -Knight grand badge Royal Order of Civil Merit of Laos-Commander of the Order of the Million Elephants and the White Parasol-Knight of Rizal (KR) Republic of the Philippines-Golden Eagle Medal (Albania).
He is one of the founders of the IBiSCUSStrategic network.
He is also the founder of the “World Changers Summit” that takes place at the Pontifical Academy of Science in Vatican City, a venue where entrepreneurs, researchers, and international leaders from various fields convene to discuss, learn, and collaborate on creating a better, healthier, and enhanced world.
As a writer his latest book is “Evolutionary Biohacking: The Rise of Regenerative A.I. Medicine” that was presented at the Pontifical Academy of Science on the 5th of July, 2023.

Irene Vantaraki

At the forefront of global innovation and empowerment, Irene Vantaraki stands as a symbol of resilience, ambition, and change. As the Chairman of Greek House Davos and Managing Director of AVADAR TRANSATLANTIC, Irene seamlessly blends governmental affairs consultation with business advisory expertise, spanning her influence from the historic streets of Athens to the bustling avenues of New York.

In her distinguished career, Irene has held senior advisory posts with major corporations and institutions. Her role as Executive Public Affairs Director at the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Mexico fortified her global outreach, not only overseeing numerous Central American countries and island nations but also fostering an invaluable alliance with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

With an unmistakable passion for the arts, Irene is the visionary Founder and CEO of Vandiri Art NYC. From the majestic halls of Luis Vuitton NYC to the esteemed corridors of Malborough Gallery, her endeavors in curating high-level art exhibitions have captured the global spotlight. Her leadership as Head of International Relations for Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair and her dedicated Board Membership at the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center reflect her multifaceted commitment to both arts and the environment.

A resolute advocate for gender equality and the revitalization of Greece, Irene’s voice resonates at the World Changers Power Women’s Summit. With her heart set on a future where both men and women stand shoulder to shoulder, Irene Vantaraki remains unwavering in her mission to rejuvenate Greece’s legacy and champion a world where opportunities know no gender boundaries.

Patrizia Marin

Italian, UAE resident, globe-trotter, entrepreneur, investor, journalist, university lecturer, coach & speaker.

Two degrees, one in International Political Science and a second one in Law, with expertise in marketing, communication and media relations.

Founder and Chair of Marco Polo Experience, the professional’s perfect partner for expanding business worldwide, with the company being run by specialists who have more than twenty years of experience in strategic business setup and development, international public affairs, marketing, PR, communications, media relations and events organization.

In brief:
✓ Marco Polo Experience LLC (Founder and Chief Executive Officer – leading business strategy, marketing, PR and Media Relations agency, specialized in business internationalization and market development, with a focus on the Middle East. Huge experience in energy, logistics, mobility and sustainability issues.

Media Strategist, Public Affairs Advisor and Spin Doctor at the Prime Minister cabinet in Italy, likewise at the Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Gender Equality and Veneto Region.

Thirty years experience in Gender Equality campaigns, women empowerment, mainstreaming and women rights all over the world.

Manuela Ronchi

Manuela Ronchi is a contemporary entrepreneur who has always placed the VALUE of the human being at the center of her life. She has done so in her personal life as well as in the company she created when she was only 23 years old (Action), which has now become a holding company that controls ten companies in the field of communication language innovation, in Italy and the United Kingdom. She distinguished herself by her courage to innovate, her curiosity, and her respect for the relationships she has been able to build thanks to her instinct, which is to always tell the truth. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Action Holding, the founder of Dr. Podcast, and an shareholder and founder of innovative startups.

Hélène Blanchette

Hélène Blanchette is a global senior executive with a wide-ranging and impactful career. Currently, she serves as a business strategy consultant for organizations such as the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) in the USA and is a coach/advisor for women. Additionally, she presides over the PCCouncil.

Throughout her international tenure, she has garnered multiple global awards. Her vision of “Women Helping Women Live Better” earned recognition from the Vanguard Media Online group, which honored her as the Woman of the Year in 2021. Mrs. Blanchette’s previous roles include serving as a global vice-president at Xerox Corporation and being the first woman to be named Vice President of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, Ms. Blanchette collaborates with International Sanctuary to empower survivors of human trafficking. She also holds positions on the boards of the Child Creativity Lab and The UC Santa Barbara School of Engineering.

Genoveva Turcu

Genoveva Turcu, an accomplished leader with over 25 years in the business and creative sectors, is a testament to dedication and visionary thinking. An alumnus of Babes-Bolyai University, where she majored in Politics and European Studies, Genoveva’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping successful ventures across the European Union and the United Arab Emirates. She is widely respected for her innovative solutions, staunch professionalism, and an innate ability to lead. With a keen focus on creating synergies between Central Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Genoveva’s endeavors encompass various leadership roles in bilateral associations, women’s networks, and strategic partnerships in the creative industry. She seamlessly blends her vast experience across different sectors to foster collaborations and drive forward-thinking initiatives. A passionate advocate for cross-cultural exchange and women’s leadership, Genoveva’s insights are eagerly anticipated at the World Changers Power Women’s Summit.

Yasmeen Sehbai

Yasmeen Sehbai serves as the CEO of The Global Schoolhouse Initiative. Holding a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Calgary, she has been an active member of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association since 2009.

Yasmeen’s professional path has taken her across regions, notably Dubai and Canada, where she has rendered invaluable counseling services. Her significant contribution in restructuring the Dubai program for special needs children stands as a testament to her dedication in the field.

As an entrepreneur, Yasmeen successfully founded and spearheaded a registered Canadian charity. This initiative rapidly grew its presence to three global locations, and she now holds two pending patents for her innovative approaches. Her multifaceted role spanned from ideation and legal compliance to deployment and financial management.

Growing up in a bi-racial home in small-town Canada and experiencing life in a remote Pakistani village provided Yasmeen with a unique outlook on life. This diverse background has firmly grounded her in a life driven by purpose. Building on this foundation, she launched a charity focused on delivering free resilience education to underserved children globally. Her program’s emphasis extends beyond mere knowledge dissemination, aiming to genuinely transform the lives of future generations.

Yasmeen Sehbai embodies our founding principles. So it is with great anticipation and honor that we welcome such a distinguished speaker to the 2023 World Changers Power Women’s Summit.

Marius Marinoff

Marius Marinoff, set to speak at the World Changers Power Women’s Summit, is a multifaceted professional celebrated for his transformative innovations in governmental relations, behavior analysis, integrated waste management, and entrepreneurship. Throughout his illustrious career, Marius has consistently demonstrated a rare ability to meld vision with actionable strategy, leading to pioneering contributions across multiple industries.

At the forefront of his accomplishments is his game-changing role at VEOLIA Middle East. Here, Marius not only shaped foundational waste management strategies but also introduced novel approaches that have since become industry benchmarks. This role underscored his dedication to sustainable solutions and his ability to push the boundaries of conventional thought.

Internationally, Marius’s influence is underscored by his representation of the EU Council during pivotal climate change discussions held in Tokyo. Through these negotiations, he showcased his exceptional capacity to advocate for global sustainable solutions, navigating the complexities of international forums with finesse.

A hallmark of his visionary approach is the establishment of ARMID, an ambitious initiative championing a remarkable goal: a 95% reduction in waste landfilling. This wasn’t just an aspiration; Marius designed a comprehensive strategy to achieve this, intertwining legal, technical, and commercial mechanisms. His entrepreneurial spirit is further highlighted by the founding of Hoff Group Global. Under its banner, he has spearheaded diverse ventures, from tourism to e-commerce to sustainable eco-housing, each reflecting his ability to anticipate and capitalize on emerging market trends.

His consultancy roles for renowned e-platforms, colectareseparata.ro and deseuri-online.ro, revolutionized segregated waste collection, emphasizing technology’s role in driving industry efficiencies. Furthermore, his advisory tenure to Romania’s Vice Prime Minister during the nation’s EU Council presidency showcases his pivotal influence in shaping national and international policies.

Beyond these roles, Marius’s passion for understanding human dynamics is evident in his role at HBI Center SRL, where he delved into human behavior analysis. His leadership at EDM GROUP is also noteworthy, having been instrumental in developing Romania’s premier integrated waste management system. In all these endeavors, Marius Marinoff stands as a testament to the power of expertise, vision, and unwavering dedication to fostering positive global change.

Florina Onetiu

Florina Onetiu is a serial entrepreneur, passionate innovation catalyst and recognised marketing leader for 20 years. Currently, she serves as CEO of Xclusiverse, which is a part of Unicorp Ventures, and is the first premium proptech for digital twins globally. She co-founded Unicorp Ventures, and previously worked for 12 years as a partner in Life Care, where she headed the marketing and digital transformation department. Although she has stepped away from her executive position at Life Care, she remains a board member. Florina is also the founder of the successful network of five wellbeing centers in Romania, called “Happiness Center,” which she exited in 2019. Furthermore, she has worked as a marketing and digital transformation strategy advisor and certified business coach (ICF) with over 50 entrepreneurs and leaders, who are focused on having an impact in Europe.
Along with her practical experience, Florina has received a formal education from top business schools around the world, including Oxford University, Stanford University, Cornell University, and Frankfurt Business School.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Florina actively supports women’s development, advocates for gender equality, and champions teen education.

Dariia Vasylieva

Dariia Vasylieva, Founder & CEO of GETVISION multi-family office, is a distinguished investment banking executive and serial entrepreneur. Her dynamic career spanning over 15 years stands as a testament to her profound expertise in the capital markets. Over her illustrious tenure, which includes seven years in C-suite roles at renowned investment banks and companies, she successfully managed Sales & Trading turnovers exceeding $2.5 billion. Her extensive expertise encompasses fixed income, private equity, venture capital, and digital assets.

Former roles include COO/CIO at First Stage Labs (TON), and positions at Uralsib, Schildershoven Finance, Concorde Capital, and Alfa-Bank (Ukraine).

Holding both a PhD and MBA, and with a deep understanding of the financial sector, Dariia employs her vast expertise and network to offer strategic guidance, operational support, and funding opportunities to tech entrepreneurs and startups.

Moreover, Dariia is a fervent innovator and community builder. She founded Founders to Founders, a global tech community designed to empower early-stage founders and streamline funding. She also introduced her own NFT collection, the “Unicorn F2F Club”, which provides access to private networking events, uniting discerning founders and investors with the shared vision of building billion-dollar companies.

Ted Baker
Maria Amata Garito

Maria Amata Garito is Professor Emeritus of Psychotechnologies and President and Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.
From 1994 to 2013 she worked as full professor of Psychotechnologies at the Psychology Faculty of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and for some years also at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She was Director General of CATTID (Center for Applications of Television and Technologies of Distance Education) at “La Sapienza” University of Rome from 1984 to 1990. The results of her research activities related to technologies and artificial intelligence applied to teaching and learning processes enabled her to create:

Consorzio NETTUNO – Network Telematico per l’Università Ovunque – in which she had the role of Director General from 1991 to 2016 and she realized the organizational and of distance teaching model of Consorzio NETTUNO.
In 2005 she established the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and designed and realized its psycho-pedagogical, organizational models and its technological platform.
He was scientific advisor for Teaching and Learning Technologies, Distance Education, Technological Innovation and Relations with Mediterranean Countries to several Italian University Ministers.
As an expert, he was member of several scientific committees at the European Commission for designing the guidelines to be applied to the development of research programs on new technologies applied to teaching and learning processes.
Her collaboration engagement with countries in the Euro-Mediterranean Area are ongoing and began in 2001 as coordinator and director general of the Med-Net’U – Mediterranean Network of Universities – Project in the framework the EUMEDIS Program of European Commission.
For UNESCO, in 2002, she designed the organizational and psycho-pedagogic model of the Arab Open University in Kuwait.
From 2009 to 2012 she designed and realized the new psycho-pedagogic-didactic model to create a video course and related textbooks whose title was: “I Learn Arabic – The Treasure of the Letters” to teach to read and write in Arabic to adult illiterate people in Morocco. This course is broadcast by the national television of Morocco. In 2015-16 she realized the Distance University for Refugees in which all refugees and migrants who wish so, from anywhere across the world, can enroll in UNINETTUNO University for free.

She conducted several international research activities; she authored about 200 scientific publications and received many international prizes and awards.

Robert Grant

Robert Edward Grant’s career and life have spanned a very broad spectrum of interests and educational disciplines. Professionally, he has played a leading role in the global healthcare industry, covering such diverse areas as pharmaceutical and medical device technologies as well as international healthcare systems.

As a prodigious entrepreneur, he has founded/co-founded several companies including Strathspey Crown LLC, Evolus Inc., AEON BioPharma Inc., Alphaeon Credit Inc., AccessElite Corp, Ceyeber Corp, Crown Sterling Ltd LLC, and Theon Technology LLC. His companies, like his interests, span Healthcare, Security, Blockchain, CleanTech, Advanced Cybernetics, and Fintech.

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