Emotions Revealed

The Institute of Advanced Studies and Cooperation, in partnership with the MonteCrypto Club, proudly presents the concept “Emotions Revealed: The Making of the World Changers Power Women’s Summit.” More than just a photographic book, it will stand as a testament to leadership, innovation, unity, and legacy. Throughout the creation of the Summit, we recognized the risk of losing the magical moments shared with our esteemed guests. While the event was an overwhelming spiritual, media, and constructive triumph, we believed many intricate details might fade with time. Our aim was to immortalize these fleeting moments: from our guests’ inspiration and shared wisdom to their awe at the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens, the Vatican Museums, and the Academy of Pontifical Sciences. “Emotions Revealed” is our response: a large-format, handcrafted photographic book.

The book will showcase the distinct styles from five photographers, with sections dedicated to their unique perspectives. These segments will capture key moments of the WCPWS: from the “white tie” award celebration at the Apostolic Chancery Palace to the private tour of the Vatican Museums, the breakfast in the Vatican Garden, and the summit at the Pontifical Academy of Science.

Walter Leonardi was born in San Cataldo in 1945. From 1986 onwards he was the official photographer of the famous Norwegian anthropologist and explorer Thor Heyerdhal, the Kon-Tiki man. Following him he made important reportages on Easter Island, the Marquesas Islands, the archaeological and anthropological mysteries of Peru, Chile, Colombia, and the pyramids of Tenerife. Eclectic professional and tirelessly curious man, he has signed services ranging from the settlements of Italian gypsies to the operating table of the famous heart surgeon De Bakey, from the illegal migration of the Kurds to the caged prostitutes of Falkland road in Bombay to the gangs of Los Angeles; over time, with his lens, he has portrayed many protagonists of the cinema of yesterday and today: Visconti, Mastroianni, Sordi, Robert Mitchum, Mickey Rourke, John Ford, Oliver Stone, just to name a few. Some of his shots, such as that of Gorbachev’s dacha in Crimea in 1991, have been around the world. Between 1990 and 1991 he made the scoops on Soviet and Russian astronauts in Star City documenting training in the use of the Soyuz shuttles and the Mir Orbiting Station. The first and only Western photographer allowed to film the activities of “supermen” destined for space missions. He has published in over 400 magazines worldwide, including National Geographic, Life, Newsweek…

Roland Tasho, an Albanian photographer, is celebrated for his captures of the 90s December protests and his focus on Albanian communities beyond borders. Since 2001, Tasho has produced 14 photo albums and has showcased his work in exhibitions globally. Notably, he earned the Soros prize in photography in 2000 and received recognition from Hungarian President Ader Janos in 2016.

Anton Giulio Onofri was born in Rome in 1959. Writer and director, with the start of the new century he decided to make independent artistic videos and documentary films about music, art and literature. He works with the magazines Close-Up and Artslife, for which he writes about cinema, music and miscellaneous current events. During Manifesta 12 he exhibited a series of photographs, In ascolto (Magneti Cowork, Parlermo, 2018). In 2019 he took part, with his photographs, in the exhibition Ritratto di famiglia (Roma, Galleria Nazionale). In 2020 he created for Galleria Nazionale Roma città chiusa, a photographic account of Rome deserted during the Covid-19 quarantine. The architecture magazine Panteon entrusted him with the entire photographic apparatus of the issue dedicated to the depiction of Roman places in Pasolini’s books and movies. In December, he opened the exhibition Non mi troverai at the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in Rome, a photographic project about his friendship with the artist Gian Maria Tosatti. In February 2023, the exhibition is on display at the Fondazione Mudima in Milan.

Bruno Sbrighi is an Italian photographer who has built his career on film and television sets portraying the great actors and characters of cinema. His beginnings in fashion in Paris saw him collaborate with the great designers and with magazines such as “Elle”. After moving to Berlin, he finally arrived in Italy in the seventies where he dedicated himself to his true passion; film sets. Over the years he has collaborated with more than eighty film productions creating several hundred portraits with European film stars and directors, expertly telling with his photographs the work behind the quite of set designers, costume designers, producers, writers. From his ingenuity and vision have sprung several books and photographic exhibitions through which one can understand the evolution of cinema and its languages and techniques.

Sélène de Condat a French artist who lives between Paris, Rome and Palermo. Her photographic work is rooted in day-to-day work, in the expertise and the ancestral knowledge of the professions. Interested in all the aspects of the life of workers, she devoted two large exhibitions to Paris’s sewage workers. Heroine of contemporaneity, the photographer boasts two catalogs to praise, both on forgotten works, the last of which, “Les artisans de la propreté” collects shots on black and white of garbage collectors, dark and shiny, currently on display in the City of Light, just inaugurated in the presence of the mayor Anne Hidalgo. She has been regarded in major magazine and exhibitions as her photographic work draws inspiration from ancient crafts and places the human being at the center of plastic and philosophical reflection. Her style is characterized by chiaroscuro.

The Print

  • “Emotions Revealed” will be featured in a large-format, handcrafted photographic book, printed on specialized paper using select inks.
  • Out of the 30 numbered “Emotions Revealed” volumes, the first copy will be donated to the Holy Father.
  • Additionally, 200 numbered copies in a 12 by 12 format are available for pre-order at emotions@iascoop.org.
  • This project is non-profit, and all proceeds will go towards humanitarian causes. Your support is deeply appreciated.